The heart of the matter

After twenty years of high pressure industry experience I was never completely sure whether the day was going to be a good or bad day experience.

A simmering sense of anxiety, overshadowed by mood trends as Sunday stomach aches, Monday morning blues or evening haziness. The trained I-am-ok-smile and skilled and experienced auto-pilot protected and drove me into Wednesday starry eyed self-confidence mode to then occasionally crash and burn at around Friday evening.

After every small or bigger crash the only thing left to do was to calm down, zoom out, understand with the mind, gradual feelings of hope and moving back in again.

During calming down and zoom out I started to see on where I went overboard or what happened and come up with how to do better. Part of this was that as of college I already loved studying about the mind and emotions and made it my purpose to understand the mechanism of fear, anxiety and consciousness.

But somehow I couldn’t get to the heart of the matter. It somehow just didn’t click.

Whilst this may read as a comprimised way of life and working, it of course is an enlargement of under the surface mostly silent volume moods and emotions. And not to be misunderstood or compared against the amazing people, work and life experiences.

Yet, I still felt compelled to further understand and conquer these feelings so I invested in coaching and training.

In summary of what I learned was that the people who made me grow in feeling calmer and happier were in confidential and safe atmospheres who understood my arena of pressure and have been patient enough to truly listen, mirror and translate before pointing in the right direction.

Next to understanding with the mind it were those who understand the matters of the heart and energy that have guided me in “what it feels like to energetically feel”.

And finally and foremost, loved ones and other gentle souls who really see me, with a genuine and unconditional interest that always saw in the first place, with their calm and gentle heart, what is my best placed path.

The energetic path to inspiration to uncover and embrace my inner talent was to profoundly understand my personality traits including the underlying mental mechanisms. Experiencing what energy management and inner consciousness really means and understanding how the (energy) body is a pivotal part of your whole self and how you can learn to work with it.

It all came together and steered into guiding others to learn and experience exactly the same. It’s such a joy to help others in the industry and doing this the entrepreneurial way which was another aspiration waiting to come true.

With over two years of amazing coaching and delivering training experiences with our company BM-Insight we are about to launch our second company.

So stay tuned for the launch and please connect, like, share or tell it forth in your community so those in need of such an experience know where to find me.

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