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BM-Insight: Discover Who We Are and What We Do

Who is BM-Insight?​

We enjoy creating a more beautiful and conscious world every day. At BM-Insight, we believe that everyone should be empowered to illuminate their path toward consciousness development and new leadership. We are all composed of energy and vibration, just as the world an organizations are as well.

Mireille Klint

My fascination with the unseen and my curiosity about the unknown have always been my driving force. With a passion for life, I cherish both the small and big moments.

Over the past twenty years, my spiritual development and my work in the business world have complemented each other well. It hasn’t always been easy, as the business world and my family often wanted me to follow the ‘normal’ path. However, around my thirties, I truly began to listen to my intuition and feelings. This has always remained my primary guiding principle. 

From absenteeism specialist, energetic coach, trainer, consultant, to healer, I have assisted individuals and organizations in bringing out the best in themselves. After founding BM-Insight, I fully dedicated myself to my passion: inspiring people, experiencing beautiful sessions, taking on the daily leadership of BM-Insight, and providing information about our device, The Energetic. Additionally, I ensure that I remain authentic and continue to evolve, enabling me to sustain my personal growth journey. 

Mireille Klint

Berry Valstar

Berry Valstar

From a young researcher and innovative dreamer, I have transitioned into becoming a mechanical engineer. As a result, I’ve tapped into methodical, procedural, and systematic thinking, further enhancing my capabilities. As a manager and leader in large-scale organizations worldwide, I’ve experienced the beauty of guiding both individuals and organizations through complex changes. 

Additionally, I invest with pleasure and dedication in self-awareness, while also encouraging others to do the same, offering them support along the way. Combining business expertise, scientific insight, and spiritual and energetic knowledge feels enriching and invaluable, especially when applied to the world as we know it today.

Mission & Vision

Every individual is unique, and at BM-Insight, we believe that feeling strong and vital is essential for everyone.

BM-Insight's Approach

In our approach, we gladly guide you through the process of discovering which opportunities align best with your needs. We aim for a holistic balance on physical, mental, and emotional levels. We also believe in the importance of working with the subconscious mind for a sustainable change. In doing so, we enjoy exploring the deeper roots of challenges and together we will search for solutions that truly resonate with you. That is why all BM-Insight programs and processes are tailored to your needs and can include the following components: executive coaching, body & mind scan, hypnosis and regression, and constellations or systemic work.

Approach for organizations

At BM-Insight, we guide organizational and management issues, sustainable employability trajectories, and support in improving team communication.

We make use of our expertise in coaching and training for this purpose. And where the situation demands it, support in the field of quantum technology, data-driven methods, and analytics. You can also come to us, and we serve as a provider for coaching your employees. Everyone requires a personalized approach.

We do this for organizations that recognize that each individual is unique and a crucial part of the larger, interconnected whole. By strengthening individual awareness and connecting it with collective consciousness, we aim for synergy within organizations.

We focus not only on the visible ‘overcurrent’ of processes and structures but also on the hidden ‘undercurrent of beliefs, values, and culture. By integrating both aspects, we achieve sustainable change and organizational development with short and long-term impact. The path to authenticity is one worth taking.

Offer for organizations

  • Personality Training and Behavior: The Authentic Organization
  • Systemic work
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Intelligent Awareness (IA) program, customized coaching sessions

Powered by Energetic Bubble

In the training sessions and coaching programs, we use of advanced quantum equipment. This equipment is provided by Energetic Bubble.

With The Energetic, psychological and physical processes are brought to light in an energetic manner, revealing their causes. As a result, you can consciously make different choices, and The Energetic can provide support on the healing level.

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