Enneagram Model as a Form of Regression Therapy

Enneagram Model as a Form of Regression Therapy

A long time ago my heart was sold to the enneagram model.

This week I attended the PEP Enneagram day with other specialists. Where we go into depth together and gain new insights. The person who liked to come there was no longer there. Unfortunately he passed away. And I also wanted to thank him for the many books he has written.

I would like to explain why. It’s not just about a personality type as most people know it. It is an age-old holistic and spiritual model. Originally, the enneagram model is not even a model but a symbol for a person and worldview, the foundations of which can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian and classical world.

How I came to know the enneagram model

How I came to know it is from psychological behavioral model. Which is a form of regression therapy. Descending to essence and life purpose, to the energetic layers and where the transformation can take place.

Every process in your life follows certain steps that can be explained in the outer circle. You can literally feel the dynamics on the enneagram mat by walking over it and thereby gain insights. The road to freedom with the basic needs, the inner child, astrology. The healing and understanding of the enneagram are valuable and precious and can be combined with NLP, systemic work and other forms of therapy.

The books and texts by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky are impressive. The Sufis and ancient scholars worked very hard and with cosmic interventions to create something beautiful.

Enneagram model

Thanks to Willem Jan van de Wetering

With much gratitude and appreciation, I have Willem Jan van de Wetering’s books on my shelf as a reference work. And I look back with great pleasure on the wonderful Energetic Psychology course that I followed with him many years ago together with wonderful people.

Just like in the candy store, there is something tasty for everyone in the enneagram. What suits you, what you are ready for or are working on.

Willem Jan had a protocol with DNA healing that he had not yet developed and we as his students were allowed to continue with it. Many years later, we have now been able to work this out with the help of the NLS and quantum equipment. It has become a beautiful interplay. It’s always nice when things come together, sooner or later and puzzle pieces fall together.

Unfortunately you are no longer with us, but you will certainly be watching. I can feel it.

Why this post?

Because sometimes you just want to highlight someone who has done so much with the enneagram model and was also crazy about it. From here a special thank you for your hard work that is now being continued and for your unbridled dedication and knowledge.
Bless you.

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