BM-Insight is a platform for awareness development and personal leadership.
We enjoy creating a more beautiful and conscious world every day.

We work with specialists to encourage the flow of knowledge and energy
and come up with great solutions together. The co-foudners are Mireille Klint and Berry Valstar.

Mireille Klint

Mireille Klint
Mireille Klint

The interest in the unseen and the curiosity for the unknown has always been my motivation.

Passion for life and enjoying small and big moments.

My spiritual development as well as my work in business have gone hand in hand.

From energetic coach, trainer, consultant to healer, I have helped people and organizations to get the best out of themselves.

It makes me proud and happy to be active as a founder, just as I always imagined it.

I work from the love and faith that the unseen may fully come to light

Insights make you wiser.

Berry Valstar

From a young researcher and innovative dreamer developed into a mechanical engineer.

This has touched additional strings of methodical, process-oriented and large-scale thinking.

Working as a manager and leader in large-scale organizations all over the world, I get to experience how beautiful it is to help people and organizations through complex changes.

Parallel to this I invest with pleasure and dedication in self-awareness and invite other people to do the same and I support them in this.

Het voelt verrijkend en waardevol om de bedrijfskundige kennis en ervaring, wetenschappelijk inzicht,

in combinatie met spiritualiteit en energetische kennis toepasbaar te maken in een wereld zoals we deze nu kennen.

Berry Valstar
Berry Valstar
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