Intelligent Awareness Program

Discover the Intelligent Awareness Program for Self-Insight and Mindfulness

  • Duration: 4 to 5 sessions over 9 weeks
  • Costs: €1.370 excl. 21% VAT and €1.645 excl. 21% VAT with Body & Mind scan and treatment (for individuals)
  • Location: Amsterdam Noord, ‘t Gooi and partly online

Following a comprehensive introductory session where we discuss your coaching question, the customized journey begins. From the first session, you’ll explore your own profile, self-awareness, and insights, while also familiarizing yourself with your own energy system. Throughout the Intelligent Awareness Program, you’ll be provided with various tools and resources. Then, you delve deeper, practice in real-life situations, and focus on self-reflection. You transition from your mind to your heart, gaining control over your thoughts, emotions, and intuitions (heart). Are you open to this? Then, we deepen and strengthen this further by engaging in conversations with the subconscious through hypnosis and regression. When the situation calls for it, we also work with energy and the quantum field. Through the quantum session, you’ll gain an even deeper understanding of your body and journey alongside it, assisted by mind and body scans. These scans assist you in becoming aware of unseen blockages and your holistic vitality, pinpointing specific areas of focus for you.

Goals of the Intelligent Awareness Program

  • Detecting and neutralizing limiting beliefs
  • Improving resilience and problem-solving skills
  • Learning techniques for calming the mind and gaining control over it
  • (Re)connecting with your inner strength and establishing a deeper connection with yourself
  • Attaining physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, and feeling more liberated
  • Discovering who you are and gaining insight into your motivations, helping you move closer to yourself
  • Gaining clarity about the future and setting and achieving goals within it

Is the program suitable for you?

Themes you’re engaging with or struggling with include:

  • Your leadership style or work ethic seems to be working against you or difficult to sustain
  • You’ve overworked yourself and lost sight of yourself, and what you’re truly good at and enjoy
  • Challenging life events that further throw you off balance
  • ‘Is this still what I want?’ questions arise
  • Initial signs of burnout or symptoms appear
  • Deep down, you feel it’s time to take a serious look at this

What our clients and coaches tell us after the Intelligent Awareness Program

In our customized program, all coaching methods are tailored to your needs. After an intake session, we determine the alignment and approach together. Schedule an informal introductory conversation at the bottom of the page or send us a message via WhatsApp.

Book an introductory meeting.

The introductory meeting for the Intelligent Awareness Program will take place online via Teams. Specify in the notes with whom you would like to have the intake session.

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