The Authentic

Enneagram and CVI Training: The Authentic for Discovering Your True Self

  • Duration: 3-day training from 10 AM to 5 PM, with 2 days in-person and 1 day online.
  • Costs: €1125 excl. 21% vat
  • Location: Amsterdam Noord (or in company)

The combination of the Enneagram and CVI is an excellent framework for discovering who you truly are and identifying your core qualities. If you want to develop yourself, it’s easier to do so from your core than from your sub-personality.

Is this recognizable to you?

  • Do you long for a better understanding of your own behavior and its origins?
  • Are you interested in understanding behavior from your childhood onwards?
  • Do you wonder about your motivations and what your shadow sides might be?
  • Do you want to learn how to recognize your talents and those of others?
  • Are you seeking ways to reduce stress?
  • Are you interested in human interactions and relationships?
enneagram and CVI training

This training is suitable for you if you:

  • Work in the role of Manager HR/Hospitality
  • Are a coach/trainer but have not yet delved into the Enneagram and CVI
  • Want to gain clear analyses and insights into your own behavior and that of others
  • Work in a team and want to gain more clarity with your colleagues, strengthen communication among team members, and enhance collaboration.

Topics covered in The Authentic

  • Personality test
  • Behavior and behavioral patterns
  • Background models and their application
  • Energy management
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Leadership styles

In the training, you learn about behavior, motives, drivers, (hidden) talents, and communication styles through the Enneagram and CVI. Together, we will review your ‘energy management’. You will learn to work with both your own energy and that of others. You’ll learn where your energy leaks are and where you gain energy from. You’ll also learn to recognize and empathize with the nine personality types from the Enneagram and the main types of CVI, as well as the unique combination. We discuss how the Enneagram relates to the CVI model. The days are structured with plenty of exercises and assignments, so you not only learn but also get to empathize and experience firsthand.

What are the benefits?

You become aware of the origins of behavior and learn to recognize and acknowledge both your own behavior and that of others. You develop skills to neutralize energy leaks, develop your talents, and utilize them optimally. Additionally, you learn to distinguish between your own energy and that of others. In summary, this training offers an abundance of new insights and promotes your awareness.

Are you interested in The Authentic training and would you like to work with the powerful combination of the Enneagram and CVI? Click the button below to discuss the options or to apply for the training. For more information, you can also send us a WhatsApp message.

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