The VIP Guidance

Personal Guidance with The VIP Guidance: Discover How to Develop Your True Self

  • Duration: 9 months with a maximum of 9 sessions
  • Location: in mutual agreement, Amsterdam Noord, walking sessions, online

Guidance and finding your roots in your soul’s mission

This message applies to women, but certainly also men, who have already done a lot and have delved into deeper layers of thinking. Aware of what the world has to offer but no longer settling for it. And therefore, seeking personal guidance.

Discover Your Full Potential with Personal Guidance

The VIP Guidance program offers the opportunity to refine and integrate everything wonderful you have already achieved. Everything you have undertaken is exactly what was needed to face this now. It’s time to embrace transformation and bring change to the aspects of your life you desire. The pure wishful thought that patiently and lovingly waits deep within you but longs to be seen.

Do you feel like there is more? Have you done and achieved a lot, but still feel like something is missing? Are you afraid you’ll regret it if you don’t dare to go further? You feel happy, but not truly fulfilled. Perhaps there’s even more, and you might benefit from listening to your feelings. Truly feeling what your heart tells you, without feeling nervous or guilty when making your own decisions. Even if those aren’t always decisions that others are happy with.

If you say YES to this, then I would like to support and personally guide you. I want to be your conversation partner during the months we work together.

We delve into what you find pleasant and comfortable. I mirror you, am honest with you, and compassion prevails.

I will personally guide and support you so that you can be even more YOU. You follow your heart and dare to undertake, take the risk, and live fully. To pursue your goal, or to bring a concrete, realistic, thoughtful, and fully felt plan to fruition. We use information from the field and from your subconscious so that you can unleash your inner light.

Specific: Personal Guidance

Throughout nine months of guidance, with a maximum of nine sessions, we meet each month. We practice both together and individually. We do what is necessary. Now you might be wondering, “What does that mean?”

Personal guidance is about daring to look where your pitfalls lie, where your fears reside, and finding ways to deal with them. What do I need and what do I really want? It’s about making effort, stepping out of your comfort zone, but above all, daring to relax. Doing what you enjoy and what you’re good at. And if you want and are ready, we can explore your life line. Then we will see if you can make contact with your own soul.

spiritual development

Only your subconscious knows what you need.

If you learn to live with the above knowledge, you will notice that you can rise above yourself and actually make progress.

I offer you insights and we start from where you are now, then explore where you truly want to be.

Dare to dream and dare to be who you’ve always been

Does this resonate with you, and do you want to be even more YOU? At the bottom of the page, schedule an appointment for an informal introduction or send a message via WhatsApp. We coordinate the dates and locations together. We’ll partly meet at the BM-Insight location in Amsterdam Noord, but we’ll also have walking sessions and meet online.

Book an introductory meeting

The introductory meeting for the VIP Guidance program will take place online via Teams. Please indicate in the notes with whom you’d like to meet.

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