Quantum Resonance

Quantum Resonance: The Power of Vibrations in the Human Body

What is Quantum Resonance?

Quantum resonance, or bioresonance, is based on the principle that everything has a specific vibration (frequency). Resonance occurs when one object vibrates and another object begins to vibrate along with it. An example is sound, such as the ringing of a church bell or sustaining a long note that can shatter a glass. Quantum resonance involves living systems vibrating at particular frequencies, much like a tuning fork resonating only at its precise pitch. 

The body processes information and communicates signals through the bloodstream, lymphatic vessels, and nerves, using substances and cells such as blood cells, DNA codes, proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, and minerals. Additionally, the body utilizes electromagnetic signals for internal communication via protein strands, with each tissue, organ, and cell having its own signal.

Cells communicate with each other

The body can only regulate and function when there is communication between cells. This communication (exchange of information) occurs through flashes of light, and information is exchanged through specific frequencies.

When stressful substances like toxins, viruses, bacteria, and parasites act on the body, cell communication is disrupted or even interrupted. This ultimately leads to symptoms of illness such as pain, reduced performance, allergies, and chronic fatigue.

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Energy and frequency

The human body is composed of tissues and organs, which are made up of cells and atoms. These atoms contain subatomic particles that behave like energy. This results in vibrations with an electromagnetic charge known as a frequency pattern.

Chemical processes in the body are guided by electromagnetic vibrations. Abnormal vibrations can lead to disruptions in these processes, which can cause diseases. Each substance, such as viruses, bacteria, and pollen, possesses its own unique frequency, making them identifiable by their specific vibrations.

Moderne developments in Quantum Resonance

Modern developments in quantum mechanics and biophysics have led to revolutionary technological progress. An example of an innovation within quantum resonance is The Energetic, a biofeedback device, powered by Energetic Bubble. This device utilizes the electromagnetic field to identify the frequencies of the human body. Additionally, it aids in stimulating the body’s self-healing ability by sending frequencies to the body.

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