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Organizational Development with BM-Insight: Tailored Solutions for Growth and Balance

The path to Intelligent Awareness for organizations.

Coaching and training for employees and managers

At BM-Insight, we facilitate sustainable employability programs and support in enhancing teamwork, communication, and engagement within teams. We make use of our expertise in coaching and training for this purpose.

In the new leadership paradigm, the focus is on authenticity, self-responsibility, setting boundaries, listening to your own body, and caring for both yourself and others. This approach also entails consciously working with energy, which fosters innovation and creativity. Additionally, it is also focused on balanced and sustainable change.

For the new leaders in your organization, we have developed an effective and proven program: the Intelligent Awareness Program. This program is specifically designed for those who want to remain active and prevent burnout. But also for those who need extra attention or have veered off course and want to get back on track.

With our program, you learn to listen to your own body and gain insight into the core of your challenges. By utilizing smart interventions, diverse tools, and techniques, you achieve results more quickly and strive for balance on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Develop your intuition, differentiate between thoughts and feelings, and work with your subconscious for lasting growth.

Organisatieontwikkeling BM-Insight

We are your provider for the coaching sessions of your employees. At BM-Insight, you can choose the format that best fits your organization’s vitality strategy.

  • Sessions that effectively address a specific situation to neutralize it (2 to 3 sessions)
  • In-depth sessions primarily focused on self-awareness in response to stressful experiences and/or leadership style growth (average of 5 sessions)
  • The complete Intelligent Awareness Program including a personalized script and development plan

Applicable to:

  • Preventive absenteeism and sustainable employability
  • Burnout /Overworked
  • Management development
organisatieontwikkeling intelligent awareness

Click here to see what it has yielded for the employees who have preceded you.

Do you want to be trained as a manager or supervisor to further strengthen the personal attention regarding self-awareness of employees and the team as a whole within the organization? Check here. Click here.

Strategic advice and inspiration for executives

In company facilitator for consciousness and energetic awareness in organizations.

In a collaboration with BM-Insight, it can be preceded by a Data-Driven Analytics approach with additional qualitative analysis. The result of this is a measurable start and ongoing assessment of the outcomes of the carefully chosen intervention(s).

We do this for organizations that recognize that each individual is unique and a crucial part of the larger, interconnected whole. By strengthening individual awareness and connecting it with collective consciousness, we aim for synergy within organizations.

We focus not only on the visible ‘overcurrent’ of processes and structures but also on the hidden ‘undercurrent of beliefs, values, and culture. By integrating both aspects, we achieve sustainable change and organizational development with short and long-term impact. The path to authenticity is one worth taking.


  • Balance, structure, with a clear vision and mission
  • Control over absenteeism
  • Awareness and growth
  • Transition from old to new leadership

Finally, BM-Insight offers Inspirational Talks on the awareness of energy and spirituality in business. The focus is on raising people’s awareness of what energy is and how important it is to remain human in a world that is changing so rapidly. By following ancient natural laws, listening to gut feelings, and intuitively and productively engaging in business. To successfully connect with each other from authenticity.

Discover how BM-Insight can support and transform your organization. Contact us for a consultation and let’s work together on sustainable change.

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