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Enneagram Model as a Form of Regression Therapy

Enneagram Model as a Form of Regression Therapy A long time ago my heart was sold to the enneagram model. This week I attended the PEP Enneagram day with other specialists. Where we go into depth...

The Story behind Absenteeism

The Story behind Absenteeism Prevention is better than a cure Are you also interested in the story? The story behind the story?Curious? Do you recognize that?From there, you can make choices from the...

What is Quantum Resonance?

Quantum resonance, or bioresonance, is based on the principle that everything has a specific vibration (frequency). Vibration plays a crucial role in cell communication, and any disruption or imbalance can affect our health and lead to symptoms of illness. Modern developments and technologies can identify vibrations within the human body and send frequencies to initiate its self-healing capabilities.

quantum resonantie

The Enneagram and its Typologies

The Enneagram provides insight into personality types, processes, transformations, and instinctual variants, offering support in your personal development. Would you like to learn more about the enneagram? Download the ebook and learn more about what the enneagram entails and what the nine character typologies are.

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